Resilience Consultants LLC

Professional Services

Resilience Consultants LLC is a social entrepreneurship small business focused on social & sustainable development, economic empowerment, health, peacebuilding, and gender equity. They are driven by the desire to propose solving social issues, with an appropriate approach, connected with the reality of the people and communities, and a spirit of collaboration with all stakeholders.


  • Advisory for social change
  • Strategy to raise funds
  • Institutional support & impact measurement 
  • Innovation for change
  • Community development
  • Project management 

Shea by Shaun

Online Retailer

Shea by Shaun produces a high-quality natural skincare line using 100% unrefined Shea butter with pure essential and musk oils. Their innovative fragrances tell a story in each jar, by encouraging their customers to "Love The Skin You’re In." Their core values are to provide a sense of love, tranquility, prosperity, and humility with every made to order Shea butter cream. 


Signature Princess Parties

Event Organizer

Signature Princess Parties provides customized themed birthday party boxes for young girls.

Their mission is to promote self-esteem, confidence, and cultural awareness to young black and brown girls through the platform of milestone celebrations by using activities to increase sisterhood. 

They provide joy, happiness, and excitement in a box for young girls using their three signature themes (Confidence, Self Care, and Self-Awareness). They are the perfect resource for busy parents and caregivers who want a beautiful and stress-free experience at a budget that they can afford. Their expert artistic team creates unique packages that complement the exclusive needs of their clients and create memories.

They want to take the headache of party planning away from you!

SOAR Community Network, LLC

IT Provider

The SOAR Community Network, LLC is on a mission to build communities not workforces. They build Compassionate, Cohesive and Collaborative (C3) communities within organizations using behavioral science and talent optimization toolsets. Their C3 Community Framework was designed to help growing organizations improve innovation and drive business results. They do this by mapping strategic direction, optimizing talent and operationalizing values by assessing and restructuring policies, procedures and technology.

They partner with private, public and nonprofit clients who are committed to creating a culture of inclusion, compassion and cohesion because they understand that their employees are people first; human beings who want to contribute their talents and creativity to causes they believe in and missions that matter. Executives and leaders who hire them understand that engaged employees and elevated human beings enhance productivity, drive business results and increase profitability by more than 20%.

Are you looking to set new strategic objectives, create more cohesive, collaborative and effective teams that drive business results? Work with SOAR Community Network, LLC to build your C3 Community today. Your organization will benefit from the results for years to come!

Social Butterfly School LLC

Child Care

Social Butterfly School teaches communication, social-emotional, and functional living skills to children with autism and other developmental and intellectual disabilities. They do this through their kindergarten readiness, after-school, social skills, summer camp, and virtual social skills programs. They provide virtual and in-person social skills programs for K-12 students available upon request.



Online Retailer

STELLALTINAAN is a fashion and sartorial designer, with a main focus in dress making. Their business also makes jewelry, purses, belts, summer sandals, and home decor wall hangings. 

STELLALTINAAN is the vision of Naan Pocen, born in Nigeria and trained in Italy. The label was created with a specific focus on fashion and home décor. They pride themselves on creating only limited editions, or one-of-a-kind items. All items are created locally, in Maryland because it is important to them to be a part of reducing our planet’s carbon footprint. 

Although they aim to use luxurious and high-quality materials, most of the materials used in their production are locally sourced. Each design is created intentionally to be a conversation piece. Their clothing is strictly made with couture method of dressmaking.

STELLALTINAAN intentionally creates eclectic items with an exotic flare because their creative designer, Naan Pocen borrows ideas, textures and colours from the different cultures she has experienced in her travels. Today Naan Pocen uses all that exposure to create unique items combining color, texture, and comfort.


Sunflower Home Organizer LLC

Professional Services

Sunflower Home Organizer LLC focuses on all their client's home needs. Whether it may be, organizing, downsizing, packing/unpacking, gardening, they have got you covered!

Floralba Camargo, the founder of Sunflower Home Organizer, is very passionate about organization and strives to help people organize their homes because of the positive outcome that it makes in their lives. When organization changed Floralba's life she saw this as an opportunity to start her own business and begin to help others get organized.

The Africa Memory Game

Online Retailer

The Africa Memory Game offers board games, dolls, and children's items that make learning about the African continent fun.

They are passionate about showcasing the beauty of the African continent and spend time selecting and creating learning experiences for all ages.

The business was born from the need to create an educational tool that was fun and easy to help children increase their knowledge of the history, geography, and culture of the different countries in the continent.

They have grown so much over the years and have diversified their products to include games, books, events, toys, and a boutique of clothing and accessories sourced from their partners in Africa. 


Wisdom In Minutes: Youth Success Strategies

Professional Services

In order to become independent adults, the youth needs more than just school work! Working with Wisdom In Minutes: Youth Success Strategies helps you and your children prepare a great launch into adulthood. Tonda Bean, MBA, MSOD, weaves her educational and parenting experience (public school to Ivy League) with her background in youth development and applied behavioral psychology into Education and Parenting Strategies you can use today to create a brilliant tomorrow. Email today or consult our website to arrange a consultation. Visit


Yul d'UZ

Online Retailer

Yul d’UZ (“yulduz” is “star” in Uzbek) designs women’s outerwear using a traditional, handmade Central Asian material called Ikat. Ikat is a handwoven silk and cotton fabric made by master craftsmen in Uzbekistan in Fergana Valley whose families have employed the same techniques for generations. Ikat is a dyeing technique in which traditional patterns are formed by binding individual threads or bundles of threads (ikat means “to bind” in the Indonesian language) with a tight wrapping to create a desired design. This material is made either from pure silk or from a combination of cotton and silk. The versatile ikat fabrics stay cool in the summer and maintain warmth in the winter. Yulia Semchenko launched her business in the D.C. metro area in 2018. The modern design of Yul d’UZ’s jackets and vests, combined with colors and patterns from the ancient Silk Road, provides women in D.C.’s fast-moving, international environment with the opportunity to be elegant and stylish, while sharing in unique, centuries-old traditions from Central Asia. Yul d’UZ’s clients will know that the coat they are wearing is one of a kind, and will be able to share the history of the material when these bright clothes inevitable cause friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues, and even strangers to stop and admire. The mission of the Yul d’UZ brand is to create and sell high-quality clothes made of ikat that bring joy and color into its customers everyday life. Yul d’UZ products will make people feel stylish and special while at the same time giving them a sense of the richness of Central Asia’s culture.